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Since we opened the ‘doors’ in 2009, we have been so lucky to have met some incredible people that have taken us to their hearts and spoke out and up for us. From survivors to journalists, commissioners to those in the media, we have had our work and ethos championed by many and they have helped us break the silence.

Our Ambassador programme, first realised in 2014, is a partnership between Survivors Manchester and its chosen Ambassadors’ whose joint aim is:

  • to keep the issue of the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of boys and men alive;
  • ensure boys and men are not forgotten as victims and survivors;
  • to promote positive healing from the trauma of abuse;
  • to break the silence of sexual violation

Our Ambassadors are individuals that have shown excellence in breaking the silence on the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of boys and men and have made every effort to champion the the work of Survivors Manchester at every opportunity.

We are proud to introduce you to our Ambassadors who stand up for male survivors at any opportunity to ensure they play their part to Break The Silence.


Click on the picture above or a name below and see what each of them have to say:

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