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How You Can Help

Sexual abuse affects us all, from victim to survivor, partners and friends, families and communities. We all have to work together to help put a stop to it by doing as much as we can, and we have to make sure the support is there for those victims. In the UK, and Internationally, there is some amazing work being carried out by some fantastic charities, organisations and people. But unfortunately it all costs money, time and effort.

Survivors Manchester

Survivors Manchester is a voluntary organisation, receiving no funding from central or local government and heavily reliant on our volunteers and the support of a fantastic and dedicated board of directors, all whom give their time and resources for free. We are committed to developing Survivors Manchester into the No1 service in Greater Manchester dedicated to supporting of male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, their partners, friends and families.

In order for us to do this we need to find funding, generate income and fundraise so we can rent suitable premises to run The Safe Room; purchase literature and materials that will assist every survivor in his recovery; allow us to provide a free counselling service that ensures no man goes without proper help regardless of his financial difficulties; go into the community and provide information and advice to other services, community groups and organisations that will ensure this subject is talked about and is no longer kept silent; and work together and support services already in the community to ensure every survivor gets the help and assistance when they want it.

We know we have a large mountain to climb, especially in this current economic climate, but we will do it and you can help us to achieve our goal. Please have a look at the ‘ways to help’ section below and see if you can give us a helping hand up the ladder.

Ways You Can Help: Fundraising

Thinking of doing a fun run or race? Climbing a mountain? Jumping out of a plane? Breaking a World Record? or sitting in a bath of baked beans? Well if you are then why not do it in aid of Survivors Manchester and raise money for our cause!

Contact us and let us know your plans at:

Ways You Can Help: Monthly Gift Giving

Maybe you would like to choose Survivors Manchester as the charity you give to on a regular basis? Maybe you would like to complete one of our Standing Order Mandate forms which means your bank will transfer whatever amount you set on a monthly basis into our account. Its so easy to do click here to download a form to complete and send back to us at the address at the bottom of the form.

Ways You Can Help: Shop With Amazon!

Survivors Manchester has partnered with thought their associates program.

One simple and FREE way for you to assist in the work of Survivors Manchester is to buy your books, electronics, software etc at amazon through the associates program.

To use this facility please search for items on Amazon though the search box to your left.

When you make a purchase thought our associate account will donate 5% of the purchase price to Survivors Manchester. This 5% commission is not added to the purchase price and Survivors Manchester will not be informed of your purchases.

Ways You Can Help: Searching!

Search the web and raise money for Survivors Manchester

Search the web and raise money for Survivors Manchester

Sign up to Survivors Manchester Everyclick. Everyclick lets you search the web and raise money for your favourite charity for FREE…

  • There is no cost to you or the charity you support
  • You can search Web, UK only, Images, News and Local Classified results
  • Half of the advertising revenue from Everyclick Search goes to charities chosen by its users.
  • Where applicable Gift Aid is also collected (Don’t forget to tick the box)

Click on the white mouse to sign up today!

Ways You Can Help: Its Over To You!

You may be sat there thinking “i’d really like to help” or maybe even “i know what i can do”… fantastic now all you need to do is get in touch. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts on how you can help aren’t listed, we are always more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

So if you think you can offer any help with offers of rooms, equipment, time, your own skills and expertise, financial assistance, or even just a small donation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (please leave the automatic title in the subject line).

Every penny you can give us counts.
Every bit of time you can offer helps us continue our work.
Every message of support spurs us on further.

Thank you so much from all of us at Survivors Manchester: from myself, my trustees and most importantly from my fellow survivors for taking the time to look at the site, for thinking about supporting us and please, tell others that we’re here… you may just help a guy break the silence and that is the biggest gift you could give.

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