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Tim Hotham: Trustee

Managing Partner: WorkSavvy Ltd

Tim is a self employed Business Consultant specialising in the design, management and implementation of solutions that typically involve change and innovation for both large and small organisations. For many years, Tim has been honoured to work with industry leaders in various market verticals, primarily retail, but also Banking, Hospitality, Health Services, Transport and Public Sector clients.

Tim’s work has work has positively impacted departments such as Operations, HR, IT, Logistics, Finance, Contact Centres, Marketing and Sales.

After going to Uni as a mature student, Tim was employed in the software industry and this is still his primary work focus.

Tim is also a father to two amazing kids who he states makes him smile every single day and outside of work he is an actor, singer, compere and struggling musician.

Why did you choose to become a board member of Survivors Manchester?

I am a survivor myself and the help, love and support I received managed to save the life of a very broken and damaged man. Years of silence took a toll that I cannot begin to describe, and took me to a place I never thought I would recover from. I am constantly amazed by the transformation in my own life and since accessing the service in 2010 I have rebuilt and repaired much of the damage done.
When Duncan asked whether I would consider a position of trustee my answer was both an emphatic and immediate YES. If my experience or attitude can help a cause I believe so much in then I will be even more grateful for the second chance I’ve been given as it will have even more purpose.

What would you like to see Survivors Manchester do in Manchester?

I benefited so much from the services, that I would like to see Survivors available to every man who needs help whenever they need it, wherever they are. To that end I will be working my damnedest to assist the growth and quality of a service that all deserve, in any way possible.

Do you have a message for Greater Manchester residents?

Manchester is lucky to have such a dedicated and skilled charity. This subject remained taboo for so long and generations of men still suffer in silence. With all of the revelations in the media in recent years, some of the stigma has been removed. However much work is needed to ensure that no man need suffer in silence any more. This needs all people to recognise and treat this subject with the compassion and dignity that will enable men to stand up without fear and break free from the needless and unfounded fear and shame.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

I ran from Manchester after the abuse and even now can still have mixed emotions. However, having lived and worked in many places across the world, I can say with some confidence that the stereotypical portrait of Mancunians as friendly, approachable, funny and warm is accurate. I guess that is what brought me back and keeps me here.

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