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Guest Blog: Happy Pride Manchester – But please, keep your hands to yourself!

One of Survivors Manchester’s founder members of our Expert Advisory Panel, Adam, wishes everyone a Happy Pride but questions our pride in some community members behaviour! I was just 15 when I left the closet. I remember many a night setting off for the dizzy heights of Birmingham’s Gay Village – the nearest Mecca for […]

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Working for Survivors Manchester

Survivors Manchester is currently looking for new members of our team and to give you a flavour of what its like to work here, we asked one of our current team to write a few words. Thanks to Trauma Informed Therapist, Marcia, who put ‘pen to paper’ to say this… “I have worked with Survivors […]

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Trustee Blog: My Own Journey

Where to start, I suppose 39 years ago when I was first groomed and then abused by a sexual offending paedophile who lived across the road from my family home. He was a family friend and I was left in his care till my mum got back from work. Four years of sexual violence and abuse followed that […]

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CEO Blog: A Small World

Today is a very special day for our good friends at 1in6 in the USA, because today is their 11th Anniversary and I want to celebrate this moment, both personally and professionally. Happy 11th Anniversary 1in6! 1in6 is an incredibly important part of Survivors Manchester’s history and maybe an even bigger part of my own. […]

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A Message from our CEO

As we say goodbye to one year and move to a new year, i’m always stuck with how much collective hope the world has to create change in these special 48 hours of New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day. So how lucky am I that every single day I get to hear about men […]

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Trustee Blog: Mitchel White

A Message on World Aids Day 2017 “HIV isn’t the life sentence it used to be” is something I get told a lot by my friends and family ever since I was diagnosed HIV+ in 2016. I guess I thought it was at some point, just like I thought living with the impact of being […]

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Ambassador Blog: Sam Thompson

The Judge of Busker Talent I like to think of myself as someone that knows a lot about music. It can be found in every nook and cranny of my personal and professional life so therefore judging a group of talented musicians should be a walk in the park, shouldn’t it? I’ve never been a […]

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Guest Blog: Sam Thompson

Last week at the Survivors Manchester AGM 2017, I was overwhelmed to be asked to be the new Survivors Manchester UK Ambassador. I’m joining writer, blogger, dating expert and entrepreneur Charly Lester; actor James Sutton; Comedian Richard Gadd; and ex-Professional Football Player, Steve Walters; and I couldnt be more proud. This is the organistion that […]

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Guest Blog: Bassduckfresh (Sam Thompson)

Last year in early September my life changed. It took me to a place that I had never been before and hopefully will never have to return. I was raped. I’d not long moved to Manchester with my then girlfriend. We were just beginning to get settled into our new home and to begin our […]

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CEO Blog: A Challenging Question

We often get asked a very emotive and difficult question here at Survivors Manchester “What are you doing to stop sexual offending?” or “How are you helping to ensure further victims and survivors are safe?” I find it a really hard and challenging question to answer, because like most people, it brings about an instant […]

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Guest Blog: Hey Mr DJ

Last year whilst on a night out in Manchester I was raped. This as i’m sure you can imagine flipped the world I knew upside down. I found myself having to deal with what I can only describe as the worst thing imaginable and if it wasn’t for my friends, family and Survivors Manchester I […]

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Goodbye Tony and Thank You

As dawn breaks on 4th May in Greater Manchester, hundreds and thousands will be heasing to the polling station to make their mark in voting for the new Mayor of Greater Manchester and with it, say who will take on the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Since 2012, Greater Manchester has had a Police […]

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CEO Blog: I Hope We Know #ItsNotOK

As we come to the end of the #ItsNotOK Sexual Abuse Awareness Week (6 – 12 Feb), I thought it was a good time to put pen to paper and talk about awareness. This years awareness week had the hashtag #ItsNotOK and whilst I hope we all know its not ok to sexually abuse someone […]

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Guest Blog: Angelo’s Testimony

For our first blog of 2017, we are starting the year as we mean to go on and make male survivors the centre to our work. In this months blog, Portugese born Angelos breaks his silence and shows just how far you can go in healing. My Testimony When I first disclosed and asked Survivors […]

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Guest Blog: Andy on World Aids Day 2016

For World Aids Day 2016, we have handed over our blog to Andy from Manchester. This is his personal and powerful journey. My Journey – From Victim to Survivor Hi, I’m Andy. In 1998 I was raped, in Manchester. It’s my personal choice to speak out, this is my personal journey told with complete honesty […]

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Chief Executive Blog – Pride 2016

22 years ago, I attended my very first Manchester Pride as a terrified young man wondering what it was all about. Back then it wasn’t even known as Pride, I remembet one year, possibly the second year I went was called Ab Fab Weekend, then Mardi Gras, then Pride. Back then, as well as the […]

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#UKSNM: Jonathan’s Blog

What are you supposed to think when as a kid or young man you’ve been sexually abused and you get a hard on? What if you were turned on by what happened or you even ejaculated? What are you supposed to think then? Well these questions come up again and again with the men I […]

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#UKSNM Ian’s Blog

Ever had that feeling of being ‘sick to the stomach’ with worry, or so scared ‘I nearly shit myself!’??? Well these are ways in which your body actually responds to some of life’s experiences you may have had. These are your body’s normal responses to demands or threats to your survival. It’s the body’s natural […]

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#UKSNM Tom’s Blog

There is an established and well documented wall of silence and secrecy associated with sexual abuse. The powerful and destructive emotional processes of guilt, shame, self-blame and fear of being believed all play significant roles in maintaining this silence, whilst organisations such as Survivors Manchester strive to assist men in breaking their own silence and […]

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#UKSNM: Trevor’s Blog

My name’s Trevor, and I’m the Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) at Survivors Manchester. My work involves supporting men and boys who have experienced sexual violence, both in childhood and as adults, who are weighting up their options regarding reporting to the police. As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, I recognise that considering reporting […]

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