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Guest Blogger: Mike Hartill

Duncan has given me the honour of being the first Survivors Manchester blog of 2015 and I am really pleased to be able to talk about a really important subject for me. At the end of February the Sport Respects Your Rights conference was held in Vienna. This was an opportunity for the youth volunteers […]

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Chief Executive Blog: December 2014

With the end of the year in sight, it always seems like its a time of reflection, like a collective conscious reflection. So a prefect time for me to look back at our year… The most amazing year of Survivors Manchester’s life and mine. The year when we well and truly broke the silence! Since […]

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Chief Executive Blog: October 2014

The edges of Autumn/Winter are certainly upon us. We had the heating on in our new offices the other day. Yes you heard right, our NEW offices. After nearly three years of ‘squatting’ within Victim Support’s Victim Care Unit, we have moved to our own space further down the road and its fantastic! Located at […]

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Chief Executive Blog: August 2014

I hope that you all have been having a good summer, lets hope the weather settles and we have a nice warm transition into Autumn. We’ve been as busy as ever here at Survivors Manchester, offering our support services to more and more men than ever – literally! We have received more referrals and undertook […]

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Service Director Blog: June 2014

It’s been quite a while since I wrote my blog, in fact far too long (sorry). I had had this idea that I would sit down every 2 months and write down what has been and is happening within our little charity, so you know what we’re up to and how everything is going. But […]

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Guest Blogger: Billie Andrews

Boys Don’t Cry: Why men don’t identify as sexual abuse survivors I would recommend that Mr X undergoes approximately 12-18 months of intensive personal therapy and drug rehabilitation to help him work through his experiences. I am not even sure such a service exists but Mr X will be in the fortunate position of being […]

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Service Director Blog: December 2013

I’m sat here in the office and it’s quiet, which makes a change, because this year has been ‘off the scale’ in terms of busy. Coming to the end of the year, it feels like a perfect time to take a look back over 2013 and see just how in the hell we’ve got to […]

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Service Director Blog: Your Raise Me Up

As the Autumn nights draw in (I don’t even know what that actually means) it kind of becomes the season to find things to do… so this month I’m going to tell you about a few things you could do and in the process help us raise some pennies that will go direct to providing […]

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Service Director Blog: August 2013

Sat at my dining table at 11.30pm on a Sunday evening and trying to get all sorts of bits of paperwork done in preparation for our service review by some NHS commissioners, my mind wandered thinking about making a decision on what I should talk about in my blog this month. Then I hear a […]

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Guest Blogger: Maggie Mikdee

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow! I first heard about Survivors Manchester at the Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) conference in 2011. I sat, along with around 200 other people, listening to Duncan tell everyone at the conference ‘his’ story and how the charity came about. It was all very moving and everyone one in the room was […]

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Service Director Blog: June 2013

Can I ask you why do you think all these people are coming forward now after all these years? Don’t you think some people might just be looking for compensation? Don’t you think these celebrities that have been questioned should get anonymity? Why didn’t they speak about before now? These are just some of the […]

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Service Director Blog: April 2013

Can anyone tell me where the last three months went? Today is 1 April, April Fools Day and I feel like i’ve had a trick played on me… someone stole the first three months of 2013! It just goes to show though how busy we have been with service delivery and developments. So first of […]

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Service Director Blog: December 2012

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Christmas can be a wonderful time full of fun, family, and friendship. But for some people it can be one of the most difficult times of the year and before I carry on with this month’s […]

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Blog Xtra: #zctconference

I’m sat on the train heading back to Manchester, from Reading, following an absolutely amazing day at the Zurich Community Trust annual conference. Last year, Nick Hoyle and Steve Grimmit from ZCT invited me to attend the conference and deliver a short presentation on what the Local Partnership award that we had just recieved means […]

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Service Director Blog: September 2012

So where does time go? What happened to Summer? To begin with I’d like to apologise for my accidental August blog absence, time literally seems to have dissapeared. But we certainly havent been sat around on our laurels, far from it. Whenever people ask me “How’s Survivor’s going?” and my reply is something like “it’s […]

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Service Director Blog: July 2012

As I write this, my first blog as Service Director, I am sat on a train heading to London for my first meeting of the National Network for Research into Effective Responses to Long-term Consequences of Violence, Trauma and Abuse. I feel very lucky and honoured to be asked to be a part of this […]

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Guest Blogger: Evan Chiswell

Firstly, I want to say a very warm welcome both personally, and from the board of Survivors Manchester. The new website was recently launched and I’m thoroughly proud, if a little intimidated, to be writing the first guest blog post. Whilst Survivors Manchester started as a simple idea, or more honestly a feeling of injustice […]

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Welcome to our Brand New Site

Welcome to our brand new Survivors Manchester website! After months of hard work and planning, hours and hours of typing, and some expert tuition (courtesy of Alex and Dylan at GoMySites), we are absolutely delighted to be able to present to you our brand new site! We’re still busy collecting elements to add to our […]

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