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Sam Speaks Out

Today has been a big news day here at Survivors Manchester, thanks to the inspring Sam Thompson.

Sam first approached Survivors Manchester’s Chief Executive, Duncan, whilst he was engaged in getting support from the organistion following his disclosure of being raped.

Duncan said

When Sam first approached me, I was absolutely blown away by his energy, enthusiasm, and determination. He spoke so clearly about what he wanted to do and why and so, I knew we had to find ways to support people hearing his voice.

I immediately thought about learning and how we can learn from his expereince and make Survivors Manchester better; how we can use our networks to allow others to hear him; and support his effort to smash the Guiness World Record Non-Stop DJ attempt.

After many discussions, plans were developed and today the world heard Sam’s voice.

We are so proud of him and what he has achieved and we’re sure you will join us in giving him a massive round of applause.

Read all about Sam’s Guiness World Record attempt and please sponsor him here

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