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Working with anyone who has been through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse or rape can be hard, especially if it’s an issue that you as the professional haven’t come across before or are not sure about the best approach to take.

This page has been written for Counsellors, Therapists, Doctors, Drug Workers, Social Workers, Police, Prison Officers, Managers, Civil Servants, Dentists, Teachers… anyone who, in their working role, is involved in the care of an adult male survivor of sexual abuse or rape.


Survivors Manchester accepts referrals directly from male survivors themselves, their friends and families or from professionals, providing the male being referred is aware and gives expressed consent for the referral being sent.

It is important that the referral form is completed in full for it to be accepted. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and returned to the referrer for completion. This may result in significant delays to Comprehensive Triage Assessment appointments being offered to the clients.

Referral Form (CA1) – PDF Document

Referral Form (CA1) – Word Document

Once the form is completed, please email to: or via CJSM secure email system to (available on .ppn .cjsm .cps .csi .gov). Alternatively, please fax to 0161 839 8454 or telephone 0161 236 2182 to provide a telephone referral.

Please note: Our work is focused on working with those affected by male sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation and not on those that have committed sexual offences. Should you need to access support for those that have committed sexual offences, please go to our page on sexual offending by clicking here.


Survivors Manchester offers a variety of training sessions and workshops for professionals and organisations working with or in contact with adult male survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Our workshops have been created to provide the most up to date and relevant information that will give participants a working knowledge of the impact and legacy of abuse.

We are happy to tailor our workshop to meet individual organisations needs or address a particular aspect of male victimisation.

We have currently devised the following training courses:

Male Sexual Abuse & Rape Briefing Workshop

An introduction to the sensitive issue of the sexual abuse and rape of boys and men, aimed at giving participants an insight into the impact of abuse, the barriers victims face in disclosing and signposting and referral information.

Working with Male Sexual Abuse & Rape Workshop

A workshop aimed at those client facing practitioners who wish to know more about the impact sexual abuse and rape has on males, whilst finding key strategies for dealing with this issue in the workplace.

Report to Court: Male Survivors and the Legal Process

A workshop aimed at therapists, counsellors, group workers, front line staff who are supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, highlighting the report to court process and what this means for you as a professional.

Male Rape: A Briefing Workshop

A workshop aimed addressing the often ignored issue of male victims of rape. The session will look at the history, case studies and physiology.

Feedback on our recent training courses:

Amazing! Keep on going and don’t stop educating us!

The presentation of the subject and the interaction between the facilitator and the group was fantastic

Constant quality information!

Able to engage around a very tricky subject

Engaging, informative

Opportunity to contribute and explore without judgement

To find out about more about our training programmes or to discuss your training needs, please contact us at


We can provide consultancy solutions for your organisation or team, from direct working with clients to supporting your staff to work directly with clients, ensuring both needs are being met.

Working in Supportership

Survivors Manchester already works in partnership with many other fantastic organisations in the community that deal with a wide variety of issues and offer a range of services. We not here to ‘re-invent the wheel’. We’re here to work together, collectively to ensure that every male survivor has suitable access to services and feels supported during his time of healing and change. To find out more about our work, projects or to arrange an informal chat, please contact us at

Policy & Knowledge

Find out more about key terms, issues and policy within the field of sexual violence by emailing us at


There are a vast array of respectable publications on the market that can be purchased, downloaded etc. These are just some of our favourites from a range of agencies:

Living Well: A Guide for Men by Living Well (Australia)

Proud to be Me: A Survival Guide for Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse by Lantern Project (Merseyside, UK)

Proud to be Me II: A Survival Guide for Victims of Domestic Violence by Lantern Project (Merseyside, UK)

Survivors Manchester is currently creating its own range of publications. The first publication we have created is the Survivors Guide. Click here to download:

Survivors Manchester Break The Silence Guide

Survivors Manchester Guide to Survival

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