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Online Support

Research informs us that there is a disparity between the health of men and women in the UK. Men are not accessing GP Surgeries, healthcare services and mental health provisions as much as women are, and its certainly not that men are any healthier then their female counterparts!

Like many others, we believe that the pressure society puts on men to behave and act in a certain way, to suppress emotions and not show their true feelings, and to keep that ‘stiff upper lip’ all goes someway to explain this disparity. It simply perpetuates the verbal silence and often silent suffering of men – especially as victims of sexual abuse and rape.

Survivors Manchester was established in order to support male survivors of sexual abuse and rape in Manchester, regardless of when or where the abuse took place. In this section, we would like to detail the different types of support available and how you can access our services.

Staying Safe Online:

Staying safe is important, especially online. Maybe you don’t want anyone to know your looking at this site at the moment. So in order to help you cover your tracks, we have provided you with some useful information on how to cover your tracks online

Social Networking:

In order for you to be able to engage with us in a way that you feel most comfortable and safe with, not only do we have this site but we can also be found on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

Click on a logo below to open the relevant site of your choice a new window.

Our Facebook Page is packed full of information on our goings-on, what we’re up to and news and information. Click to ‘like us’!

Our twitter feed will tell you what we thinking, follow what we’re doing, and generally get to know us. Getting to know us a bit more will help you build up your confidence and allow us to gain your trust so that when the time comes that you feel you want to engage and connect, you can do it a lot more easily.

Email Support:

Sometimes just writing down how you feel can be a huge step towards healing. Showing someone else what you’ve written is an even bigger step, its speaking out. However, we can feel like we don’t know who to turn to or maybe we will be judged if people hear what’s really going on for us.

To give you the ability to have someone listen to you without fear of judgement, we have set up an Email Support Service so you can: contact us, get some advice, as a question, read your words, and maybe begin a discussion. If you don’t want us to reply then just say. Remember, you are in control of this contact and we will respond in whatever way you want us to.

Email us at:

We make a solid commitment to answer all emails within 24 hours.

Other Male Specific Sites

Across the world, there are a small number of well designed and researched websites specifically for male survivors and those that support them. Whilst we can never guarantee the safety of any other site, the following is a list of sites of organisations we know and are professionally moderated.

UK Websites
Survivors UK The National Male Survivor website, managed by Survivors UK.
Mankind Brighton based organisation proving support with an online presence.
Lantern Project Merseyside based organisation supporting survivors of abuse.
USA Websites
1 in 6 An innovative US based site supporting male survivors of sexual abuse.
Male Survivor International survivor organisation providing message board support for men.
Pandoras Project International survivor web-based organisation providing support to men and women.
Canada Websites
1in6 Canada Canadian organisation supporting male survivors of sexual abuse.
Australia Websites
Living Well Well researched Australian website for male survivors.

Crisis Support

You know, if you feel in crisis and need to talk to someone then you can always call the Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90 (24hrs) or in an emergency please dial 999 for free. There is always someone at the end of the phone that can and will help and although it may feel like it, your never on your own! Pick up the phone and reach out, please don’t suffer in silence
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