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HDR-SupportAppsHere at Survivors Manchester, we recognise that the world has changed and the way some people seek support has changed. In a world that wants access to information 24-7 and mobile technology making this possible, apps have become part and parcel of everyday life.

So imagine our excitement when Dr Gary Foster and our friends across the water in Australia developed the Living Well App.

Living Well App

iphone-living-well-app-144x300The Living Well App has been specifically designed by Living Well to assist men who have been sexually abused in childhood. We know that childhood sexual abuse can have a profound impact on men’s lives and relationships. However, we also know that men who have been sexually abused can live rich, full lives, develop healthy relationships and make positive contributions within our communities.

This App is designed to compliment, not replace, the work of a qualified health care professional (see Terms and Conditions below) such as a counsellor, psychotherapist, doctor, emotional support worker, etc; and please do contact your doctor or a health care practitioner if you are concerned for your own or another person’s mental well-being.

Provided here are practical resources and suggestions that men who have been sexually abused can make use of. The information and resources draw upon research evidence and practice knowledge to offer suggestions that can enhance well being and help better manage difficulties.

Living Well encourage you to share information and strategies. The App is designed to be useful for partners, family members, friends and health care professionals – for anyone looking to enhance their understanding and personal well being.

This App is divided logically into eight sections:

  • Well-being
  • Assessment
  • Learning
  • Managing Difficulties
  • Time2Breathe
  • Support
  • Blog
  • Settings

Survivors Manchester has tried and tested it and our CEO is himself, a user of it. So we extend Living Well’s invite to you to check it out – work your way through the App and become familiar with what each section has to offer. The Well-being section is a good place to start and make regular use of.

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Check out Living Well App page on the Living Well website.

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