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Funding & Finance


Every year, Survivors Manchester supports over 900 male survivors, receiving approx 2 brand new requests for support every single day of the year – thats over 700 men that access our support that we have never met before. Year on year, more and more people need our help and that means as a charity, we need to constantly grow to meet that demand on our services.

As a charity, our service need to remain free at the point of access and so we have to work hard to generate funds to ensure we can pay for our staff, building, utilities, insurance, equipment… all sorts.


Since we opened the doors, we have been generously supported by a number of funders, from local NHS to national grant givers and government funds. Every penny we spend from funders is under ‘restriction’ and can only be spent on the items we detail in the grant application or in the contract and agreement.

Our key funders include Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Lloyds Bank Foundation, NHS England, Manchester Health Care Commissioning, Ministry of Justice, and Zurich Community Trust.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to run Survivors Manchester, we have broken our summary costs down below:


The workforce at Survivors Manchester includes those tasked with the governance, management, supervision, service delivery, maintenance and administration of the organisation.

The cost of this is £600,500.00


To deliver services, we have an office building (office, counselling rooms, group space), utilities, equipment, comms (tel, WiFi)  insurance, memberships, licences, etc.

The cost of this is £150,000.00


Survivors Manchester works in conjunction with different organisations, commissions different consultants to work on various projects, all that will support us to meet our charitable objectives.

The cost of this is £100,000.00

To see a more in-depth breakdown of our income and expenditure, along with a more detailed report on our activities, you can take a look at our Annual Report, the most recent displayed here or go to the Charity Commission website for all the previous years financial reports.

It’s Over To You

You may be sat there thinking “i’d really like to help” or maybe even “i know what i can do”… fantastic now all you need to do is get in touch. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts on how you can help aren’t listed, we are always more than happy to discuss your ideas with you.

So if you think you can offer any help with offers of rooms, equipment, time, your own skills and expertise, financial assistance, or even just a small donation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (please leave the automatic title in the subject line).

Every penny you can give us counts.
Every bit of time you can offer helps us continue our work.
Every message of support spurs us on further.

Thank you so much from all of us at Survivors Manchester: from myself, my trustees and most importantly from my fellow survivors for taking the time to look at the site, for thinking about supporting us and please, tell others that we’re here… you may just help a guy break the silence and that is the biggest gift you could give.

Stakeholders & Fundraisers

Helpline: 0808 800 5005