A New Message from Duncan

25.10.20 | Blog

Well here we are… 

In March 2020, I wrote a message to go on our website with the sole aim of ensuring all our visitors get the right information straight from the horses mouth.

No one would have been able to predict that 7 months later, we would be back in a lockdown (albeit local) and that not much has changed since that initial order to “Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”. We’ve had a number of messages since and a lot of debate, information, confusion and mixed messages. It’s been exhausting!

But throughout, this amazing team that I get to lead, have been working hard to ensure that you, the men we serve, continue to get the best of our services. Of course, in order to keep you safe, we initially had to close the doors on our centre and move all of our therapy and ISVA services to online and telephone working. We moved all of our face to face services to Zoom (check out our Zoom platform by clicking here) and invested a considerable amount of money into ensuring that everything was accessible and remained confidential. Our therapy team kept all of their clients up to date with happenings; our ISVA’s continued to work on ensuring their clients are kept up to date on the trials and investigations; and Jeff moved all the Safe Room meetings to a online group space.

But whilst those doors were closed, we were busy re-arranging furniture; laying social distancing guidelines; installing hand sanitisation sites; fixing screens to desks to ensure our staff can work safely; having our entrance doors re-done; ensuring we have enough PPE; getting our cleaners in; and finally working out rotas that ensure that we split our workforce into teams to avoid too many people in one space and social distancing can be adhered to.

As the Chief Executive of Survivors Manchester, its my responsibility to ensure that everything is done properly. Thanks to Chris, our Operations Director, and the Operations Team, everything is so much easier to agree to as they think of everything. So because of all the effort made, as of the beginning of October 202o, we have reopened the doors and working in a new way that allows us to offer access to everyone in a way that the risk is managed effectively and we can stick to all the local and national rules, laws and guidelines.

I genuinely hope that we have been getting it all right but if there is something else you think we could be doing, then click here and add in your comments, I’d very much welcome your feedback.

So in our continuing effort to make sure that we remain clear; keep our lines of communication open; here is a rundown to how Survivors Manchester is currently operating.

Referrals in to the Service

We continue to welcome referrals from male survivors themselves or professionals working with male survivors, either by calling 0161 236 2182 or emailing We continue to process all referrals as quickly as possible and are trying to keep to our self imposed target of contacting the person being referred within three working days (but please bear with us if we’re a few days late).


All assessments will be carried out over the telephone or via Zoom with one of our team which will take approx an hour to 90 minutes, where we will take down your details and find out from you what it is you want and need and we will try and match our services to those needs. In the event that you are unable to access digital communication or a confidential space to talk, we will work out a time for you to visit the centre for your assessment, however we will need to ask you to complete a COVID19 Risk Assessment first.

Visiting the Centre

For those people that will be visiting the centre, which will be strictly by appointment only, there are a few new procedures that you will need to stick to, as follows:

  • All visitors will be subject to engaging with the Test and Trace service, however, we will trace anyone for the local trace hub
  • Should you be driving in, you will be given a parking space bay number and time that you need to strictly adhere to
  • You will be contacted on the morning of your appointment to check COVID19 risk and asked to ensuring you are wearing a face covering when entering the premises
  • You will be asked to arrive only 5 minutes before your appointment time and buzz in the door and you will be asked to take your temperature and then given a waiting room number to sit in
  • When entering the building, you will be asked to take your temperature using our auto-digital wall mounted thermometer and providing it falls under 67 degrees, you can enter the main area
  • Before going through the main doors, please sanitise your hands, then go straight to your allocated waiting room number
  • You will be asked to wear a face covering in the session, or alternatively you can wear one of the clear visors that we can provide you and store at the centre for your next visit
  • Once your session is over, you will be asked to make your way out of the building in order for us to welcome the next person for their session

Drop In / Community Engagement Events

Our Drop In will remain closed at present due to social distancing restrictions. However, we are in the process of organising some outdoor activities in small groups of 6 with Jeff. Make sure you are following our Twitter @SurvivorsMcr, Facebook /SurvivorsMcr and get involved.

The Safe Room

The Safe Room is currently running on Zoom and all the details you need to access this confidential space can be obtained from Jeff.

ISVA Service

Daniel and Gayna continue to run the ISVA service, mainly working remotely on Zoom or telephone, but meeting outdoors and in our office when a confidential space is needed.

Therapy Services

Our 1:1 therapy services are delivered mainly online through Zoom , but for those that haven’t got access to digital platforms or can’t access a confidential space at home, we will work out a time that you can access our centre. If you have any queries, please email or call your therapist or use and your message will be forwarded to them. Alternatively, call 0161 236 2182 and one of the team will be able to take a message and get it to your therapist.

Don’t Panic, We’re Here and Not Going Anywhere

These are strange times, there’s no disputing that, but we will get through this. Our work has focused on supporting individuals to #BreakTheSilence and this is no different.

If you have any queries or worries, you can talk to any of the team, but as the Operations Director, Chris is always available to sort out anything that needs sorting.


We’re all in this together at Survivors Manchester and we’ll all come out of it stronger together

Stay safe, follow the rules and be kind to yourself and each other


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