A poem from Callum’s mum

05.02.19 | Blog

a few words from Mum ….

the moment you told me
time stood still
the look on your face
forget, I never will
the Man sat before me
was my child crying out
why didn’t you tell me?
I wanted to shout

my broken Boy with a lifetime of pain
alone on his travels, yet he smiled just the same
always selfless, loving, kind and carefree
but he pulled up a mask so no one could see

from the moment you told me
our lives would never be the same
the look on your face
I see your eyes full of pain
you think I don’t notice when you say yes I’m fine
I know my Boy, and I know it’ll take time

I’m right here beside you, like it or not
through the rough times and smooth, we’ll give all we’ve got
you push me away but I’m going nowhere
this fight within, stays while I’m still breathing air

united we stand, me and my Boys
our family is everything .. pain, love and joys
nothing will break us, together we walk
a lifetime ahead for healing, making better memories, and positive talk

since the moment you told me
I’ve watched you unfold
the look on your face
is smiling more, truth be told
the Man sat before me
is shouting out loud
and for that, my courageous Boy, I’m so very proud!

Love you more than words,


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