Chief Executive Blog: Men's Health Week 2016

12.06.16 | Blog

Duncan CraigI’ve always been a big supporter of Men’s Health Week, being a man and all that. But this years theme is extra pertinent to me – How to Beat Stress!
Its a word we throw around willy nilly but for many people, stress is debilitating and life threatening. We need to tackle this head on.
Men’s Health Forum say that one in four of us will develop a mental health problem, that odds of 3 to 1! I could start saying something about football or horse racing here but I don’t follow or care about either but what I will say is that seems a lot to me.
There are loads of resources that Men’s Health Week have come up with which you can see by CLICKING HERE
Like many of you reading this, I get stressed and I try to keep a lid on it but I know that it affects my friends and loved ones and most importantly my mental health and well being.
This weekend, along with my colleague Chris (our High Intensity Therapist & Art Psychotherapist) were lucky enough to attend a two day workshop delivered by Dr Christine A Padesky, one of the pioneers of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and sadly one of her last trips to the UK. The workshop focused on Depression and Suicide and whilst I learned so much that I will be bringing back to the charity, it also made me think about those people that I have lost over the years to suicide, and all the others I know that live with depression.
Stress is a big factor in someone’s well being and we are trying to do as much as possible to create tools to help. And so I’d like to invite you to go our bookshelf and download any of the guides. All the guides have been written by experts in the field and the tasks are evidence based in helping. Take half an hour this week to read one of them and help you better manage your wellbeing.
Stay safe

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