Guest Blogger: Maggie Mikdee

22.06.13 | Blog

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow!
I first heard about Survivors Manchester at the Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) conference in 2011. I sat, along with around 200 other people, listening to Duncan tell everyone at the conference ‘his’ story and how the charity came about. It was all very moving and everyone one in the room was moved to tears. I didn’t think much about the charity again until the following year when at the same conference Duncan did his ‘bit’ and was telling everyone how Survivors Manchester has used the grant money, and how other people from Zurich had been helping out.
Yet again we were moved to tears, not the normal reaction to Duncan talking honest!
I spoke to Duncan during the conference to find out how I could help, seeing as I was about 170 miles away from Manchester.
I provided Duncan with various contacts and help put together the new volunteers pack. How else could I help out? As I was too far away to volunteer the obvious answer was fundraising. Easy enough, but I’d done all the normal things like cake bakes, sponsored walks, marathons, even taken part in firewalks and bungee jumps. What could I do that was different, shave my head!!!! Not very original I know, but a massive deal to us of the fairer sex. A lot of people said that I shouldn’t do this, so like a red rag to a bull I took up the challenge – (A bit similar to the bungee jump when people told me I was too old!).
For those of you thinking I followed the Jessie J bandwagon you would be wrong, it was my idea first, so she copied me.
Date set, sponsorship raised, audience ready I proceeded to shave half my head into a ‘Max Wall haircut’. I spent half the day like this going round the 8 floor of my work place twist more arms, sorry ask for donations. Back on my floor, with yet another audience the rest was finally shaved off. I split the money between Survivors Manchester and another charity both getting £600. I have a better shaped head the Jessie, or so I’ve been told.
People kept telling my how brave I was and asking how I felt. The one word that springs to mind is ‘empowered’; I certainly didn’t think I was brave. Brave to me is someone like Duncan who tells his story, to anyone that will listen and to all those who have taken that first step to getting help. I’m in awe of Duncan and his team. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a Survivors ‘Manchester’ in every large town in the UK. I’m doing my bit down in sunny Swindon by raising awareness and telling everyone what a great job you all do. I only wish I was closer so I could do a bit more. You never know just what this space!!!!!!!
Maggie is Safety and Health & Environment Adviser for Zurich UK (as well as being our hero!)

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