Happy 12th Birthday

05.02.21 | Blog

“Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to Survivors Manchester, Happy Birthday to us”.

Wow, we’re 12!

What an amazing journey this has been to date and our founder and CEO, Duncan has a few words to say:

Special day today, Survivors Manchester is 12 years old! I am so bloody in love with this charity I could literally burst! On 05.02.09 I got a letter from the postman and in the envelope was a certificate to say that Survivors Manchester is incorporated as a not-for-profit organisation and I started a mad mad journey full of laughter, tears, sadness, happiness, fight (it will be in my memoirs) and flight (including New Zealand, Africa, many visits to America, Germany, Iceland….)… its been full of inspiration and I have been lucky to have met the most amazing individuals who are fighting for themselves or others. Survivors Manchester, Happy 12th Birthday, I love you, thank you for helping that abused boy grow up in healing and for everything you have given me

The day has been full of wonderful messages and a special announcement that Marcia, who had spent 4 years with us as a therapist until Dec 2020 when we said goodbye as she went to meet new challenges in the world of psychotherapy, was returning to us but this time as a Trustee.

Marcia has a real core understanding of our work, having been at the forefront of service delivery and was one of the first team members in our OUT Spoken Talking Therapy Service in HMP Buckley Hall – a service that continues today and in the next 12 months will grow exponentially.

In fact, as today we celebrate 12 years, we are already thinking of the next 12 and how will be move past this COVID19 lockdown, not just on our own but with the rest of Greater Manchester, the UK and the world.

But for now…. Happy Birthday Survivors Manchester, you beautiful organisation you!




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