Survivors Manchester… what could I possibly

05.02.19 | Blog

Loads, but I’ll keep it short!

This place literally saved my Son, and in turn, our family.

For the first time in 16 years, Callum was no longer alone, he could totally relate to others, speaking without shame or blame, feeling at ease, and he could finally, wholeheartedly, be himself.

As a parent, the worst feeling in the world is to watch your child suffer, and not being able to help, feeling completely helpless.

Talking, crying and hugging through the night for nights on end became the norm, but I still couldn’t reach Callum at times, he was right there beside me, yet a million miles away, I looked into his eyes and he was so lost, I could see it.

That very first time he came home from Survivors Manchester, I saw the spark back in his eyes, he was so happy and thrilled that he’d made the fist step of his recovery, other people actually understood what he was saying and how he was feeling, it was all normal!

At last, he was amongst Men that had walked his path, and they would travel their journey together.

Thank you so much Survivors Manchester!

By Liz Hancock

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