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30.11.17 | Blog

A Message on World Aids Day 2017

“HIV isn’t the life sentence it used to be” is something I get told a lot by my friends and family ever since I was diagnosed HIV+ in 2016. I guess I thought it was at some point, just like I thought living with the impact of being raped as a child was a life sentence too.
Today is World Aids Day and this year I’m so incredibility proud to be here speaking to you, our friends and allies, as HIV+ male survivor and now a Trustee at Survivors Manchester.
This is an incredible organisation (as you’ll know) that has not only welcomed me to the board as a survivor, but as someone who lives with being HIV+ too, showing just how inclusive and diverse our charity is.
Having accessed the first class services Survivors Manchester offers male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation, I’m so proud to even be posting this!
So on World Aids Day, on behalf of my fellow Trustees, our amazing staff team, volunteers and our inspiring Ambassadors, I’m spreading the love and the positive message (excuse the pun) that living with HIV shouldn’t stop you from achieving everything you wanted to before being diagnosed – I have achieved more since being diagnosed than I could have ever imagined at the time (take a look at my piece in the Manchester Evening News by clicking here).
To all our HIV+ male survivors out there, today we are being visible for you and with you. We’re standing up loud and proud to end the stigma.
Survivors Manchester is positive about being positive and we act to end discrimination.

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