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Survivors Manchester is often involved in various campaigns and events that help shine a light on the needs of victims and survivors of sexual abuse, rape and all kinds of sexual violence. A single voice always makes a sound, a collection of single voices together makes a noise!

From letter writing to Government and authorities, to standing up and being visible at various rally’s and marches, this section will show you what we’ve been up to and what we’re currently involved in.


The piece of work we are probably most proud of being involved with since we opened the doors is the Hollyoaks John Paul ‘male rape’ storyline. Working with Lime Pictures and Channel 4, we supported the development of the scripts, worked with the cast and directors on the delivery of the story, and assisted with the promotion and education of male rape as an issue. Check out our specially dedicated page for Hollyoaks by clicking here.


1 Blue String is an international campaign that asks guitarists to swop one of their six strings for one of our blue strings to show support for the 1 in 6 men sexually abused in childhood. See more at:

The NGY Show

Alongside colleagues from Barnardos, NSPCC, The Children’s Society, Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Survivors Manchester was proud to support the development of Unity Radio’s NGY Show – a radio show produced, designed and presented by young people for young people. Check out the page here.

National Personal Safety 2013

Survivors Manchester was invited by our colleagues at Bolton victim support to raise awareness that boys and men are victims of sexual violence too. We also wanted to help break the stigma associated with abuse and help people to break the silence. Also that it’s ok to talk and that there is a safe place to go if you have been affected by this issue.

Report Rape 2010

Survivors Manchester was proud to be a part of a fantastic partnership, comprising of St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Greater Manchester Police, and Manchester Rape Crisis, that launched the Report Rape Campaign from St Marys Centre today.

The campaign was supported by press coverage from Granada TV, BBC Radio Manchester, Real Radio, Key 103 and online media. The partnership created two striking posters that were distributed across the city to various organisations, shops, bars and public places, and a social networking campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Messages will be uploaded every day throughout December

Stakeholders & Fundraisers

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