#1BlueString comes to the UK

30.06.16 | News

1bsbannerSurvivors Manchester is absolutely delighted to announce that thanks to our very good friends and colleagues at 1in6 in the USA, we have been able to bring the amazing #1BlueString awareness project to the UK.
Working with our colleagues at Survivors UK, Mankind and Safeline (known as Male Survivors Partnership) we are aiming to raise the awareness of the 1 in 6 males that experience sexual abuse before the age of 18.
We are asking guitarists to swop 1 of the 6 strings on their instrument (both acoustic or electric) to show support for male survivors across the globe!
Our Founder and CEO, Duncan, said:

I am absolutely over the moon to finally be able to announce this. From the first time I ever heard about 1BlueString from Steve, my colleague in the states at 1in6 I just knew that we needed this here in the UK. As a survivor myself and someone who is desperate to learn to play the guitar, I am determined to male this work and hope that we can capture imagination of musicians of all abilities and show boys and men in the UK we see and hear you.

The string packs are free, we just ask that each person pays £4.50 for the postage and packing of each delivery.
Take a look at the #1BlueString website by clicking here

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