24.09.12 | News

Here at Survivors Manchester we love love love hearing about new ways of breaking the silence, and our very good friends at 1in6 have come up with one of the most profound and outstanding campaign (yes, ok, we might be biased as they are our mates over the pond, but this really is inspired).
1BlueString is the first awareness campaign to support the 1 in 6 men in the USA that were sexually abused in childhood. The campaign is simple, they are asking guitarists at all levels, in all genres, to help 1in6 raise awareness of this alarming statistic by playing with 1 blue string.
The strings and picks will be provided free of charge. All 1in6 hope for in return is that you will participate and share your support.
Sadly for us in the UK, this campaign is only in the USA, but regardless, Survivors Manchester is showing our support by signing up to their website, following them on Twitter and ‘liking’ their Facebook page.
We need to break the silence and doing it through music is just inspired.
We wish Steve and Chris and everyone at 1in6 the very best with this campaign and once your up and running and have had chance to look at the impact, we’re going to gently persuade you guys to turn this fantastic campaign into a global phenomenon!

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