A Fantastic Win!

08.06.13 | News

Those amazing girls at Altrincham Grammar for Girls have won their round and are now in the final for the The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI).
Our Service Director, said

I noticed a missed call on my phone and someone had left a voicemail, so i checked it and what a burst of energy i was hit with. The girls had chosen me to be the first one to tell the news to. I couldnt stop smiling, they were so excited and quite rightly so. They are such a fantastic bunch of young women and it really does bring a tear to my eye to see young people talking about an issue that is so wrapped up in silence. They had no fear about standing up in front of their school and talking about the sexual abuse of boys and men and stating loud and clear that we need to talk, learn and listen… now if only some of the decision makers in this country would take a leaf out of their book. They girls have become really special friends of Survivors Manchester and we’re so proud of them

The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a combination of in-class learning and community development experience that gives pupils the tools to understand and engage in community advancement. Pupils research, meet with and advocate for a local charity and then compete for a grant for that charity.
We’ve asked the team if they would write something for our site so keep your eyes peeled!

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