Barnardos Cymru Release Report

17.07.16 | News

‘I never spoke about it before’ is a new report from Barnardos Cymru looking at the sexual abuse of boys and young men and the support for this group in Wales.
Authored by Menna Thomas and Elaine Speyer, the report aims to increase understanding of child sexual exploitation
relating to boys and young men, providing recommendations to improve the engagement of at-risk boys and young men in services that address CSE prevention and intervention.
Amongst the recommendations, the authors suggest that there should be better provision of information and specific programmes of work should be targeted at high-risk groups of boys including those in care; care leavers; those accessing youth homelessness services, youth offending services, substance misuse services, and learning disability services; those on the fringes of the education and criminal justice services.
Survivors Manchester CEO, Duncan Craig, said:

This is a fascinating report giving insight into the state of play for boys and young men in Wales. Whilst there are no great surprises contained in the report, it is certainly yet another great piece of research material that must help the conversation move along. The more we are collectively able to evidence the specific needs of boys and young men and highlight where we need to invest more time and effort in meeting their needs, the better a society we make. Barnardo’s have been one of the main national charities that have been recognising boys and young men as victims of CSE. Both their ‘Not Just A Girl Thing’ and ‘Hidden In Plain Sight’ reports really did get a tounges wagging and a conversation flowing. We have been big supporters of this work and great partners of Barnardos and I hope that we’re able to share more of this great research as we begin to make more noise to shine a light on the sexual abuse and exploitation of boys and young men

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