Being A Man Festival

14.11.15 | News

BAM burst w backgroundAs our regular followers will know, The Southbank is holding a fantastic festival ‘Being A Man’.
Our CEO, Duncan, is hosting an event with the Southbank, Channel 4 and Hollyoaks looking at the John Paul McQueen male rape story AND the issue of male rape in the media.
Its a thoroughly exciting event with a panel discussion made up of those directly involved, including Channel 4 Commissioning Editor for Drama, Lee Mason; Hollyoaks Executive Producer, Bryan Kirkwood; and John Paul McQueen himself, James Sutton.
The event will be hosted by Duncan and he told us

The John Paul rape storyline was and is such an integral part of Survivors Manchester’s life. It brought us much attention, which enabled us to highlight the issues male survivors deal with, and enabled more men to come forward and ask for help. Lee, Bryan, James, Keith, the whole Hollyoaks team really did us proud and its one of my own personal highlights. This is a great way of us publically exploring what we think about it and be asked questions

For more information on Being A Man, click here.

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