Big Lottery Announce Women & Girls Fund

13.07.15 | News

The Big Lottery Fund have announced the release of a “Women and Girls Initiative”, which is a funding stream of up to £45 million for services for women and girls. The overarching aim of this funding is empowering women and girls to take control of their lives.
Only women and girls organisations will be eligible to apply.
The Big Lottery are defining a women and girls organisation as one whose primary purpose is to deliver services to women and/or girls. The Big Lottery also expects it to have a strong track record of delivering services to women and/or girls. They can either be organisations that focus on specific issues (for example, domestic and sexual violence or mental health) or run community-based services such as a women’s centre or youth group. In order to achieve this The Big Lottery will fund projects that can meet all four funding outcomes:

  • Increased provision of holistic, integrated, person-centred approaches for women and girls at risk;
  • Increased involvement of women and girls in the design and delivery of the services they use;
  • A greater number of women and girls are supported through the provision of improved specialist support;
  • Better quality of evidence for what works in empowering women and girls.

The Big Lottery want to support projects that are ambitious and help to create capacity in organisations.
Organisations will be able to apply for up to £750,000 for up to five years.
For further information and to apply, click here.
Deadline to registering your interest: Thursday 16 July 2015.
Survivors Manchester Chief Executive, Duncan Craig, said:

This is a fantastic inititive and I applaud the Big Lottery for ringfencing this money. However, I am concerned that there isnt an equitable inititive from them for projects working specificially with boys and men, particularly in the field of mental health, suicide and sexual violence. For organisatons such as Survivors Manchester, we are constantly forced into applying for general funds which means we are competing with a greater array of issue based services and thus chances of being successful are reduced. This isnt about taking money away from services dealing with women and girls, its not a debate about either/or, its a sconversation about saying AND. Nor is this an issue that providers of services for females should feel apologetic about… there are some amazing services for women across the UK that shouldnt feel they have now got to start providing support to men, they shouldn’t. They should be able to carry on doing their amazing work. Its about seeing the gap in the UK for male specific services

Survivors Manchester will be contacting the Big Lottery this week.

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