Call for Research Participants

28.08.14 | News

Matt Brooks, a PhD student at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, is currently researching the way in which survivors of crime engage with services and to also explore the adoption positive coping strategies following their distressing and traumatic experiences.
As part of his research programme, Matt is seeking male and female survivors of any violent and sexual victimisation (such as domestic violence, assault, rape and abuse) to participate anonymously in his study and would like to invite Survivors Manchester’s followers to complete an online questionnaire looking at factors that might predict positive change following their traumatic experiences (such as social support, early attachment, spirituality, coping styles, PTSD, number/severity of traumas).
The link to Matt’s questionnaire can be found here: CLICK HERE
The survey provides detailed information about the study including ethical issues of consent, confidentiality and withdrawal. As with all requests for research support, Survivors Manchester has had the ethical approval for the study confirmed with the University and the Ethics Committee.
We look forward to seeing the results in time to come.
Good luck Matt, from us all here at Survivors Manchester.

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