Calling ALL Men – Manchester's Next Top Model

31.01.15 | News

Survivors Manchester is on the look out for any men that would be interested in supporting our forthcoming campaigns to promote our support services, the support services of our colleagues (St Mary’s SARC, Greater Manchester Police, Crown Prosecution Service), and to #BreakTheSilence of the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of boys and men in Greater Manchester.
Over the next few months we will be working with Dave and Rich, our designers at JamCreative, and colleagues at Greater Manchester Police to produce a number of leaflets, posters, social media messages, website images and a re-designed and updated Survivors Guide that will let everyone in Greater Manchester know that should a male need support to deal with the impact of sexual violation, there is somewhere they can go to get the right help.
But we need models.
We’ve took the decision that we don’t want to use stock images, model agencies and want to show the absolute diversity of men in Manchester because ANY man can be affected by sexual abuse or rape. We firmly believe that this has to be a key element to all our messages – sexual abuse and rape doesn’t discriminate.
So if you are a male or know a male that might be interested in being a model for us to create our support material, the get in touch at

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