Charly Runs Across the Sahara!

16.04.19 | News

Our Ambassadors always find ways to keep the issue of male survivors live and in the minds of the public. From press interviews to personal challenges, we are so grateful and proud of each and every one of them.

However, we’re sure that Sam, James, Richard and Steve will all now bow down to the extraordinary challenge that has been taken on by their fellow Ambassador and friend, Charly Lester, who has just run across the Sahara Dessert and raised over £3,000 (if you want to add to that, click here)! Lets just take stock of that… RUN. ACROSS. THE. SAHARA. DESSERT!

No stranger to these amazing feats of endurance, she has already run Marathons, climbed mountains, cycled Land’s End to John O’Groats, and completed an Ironman! But this, the Marathon Des Sables is a gruelling 6 day race across the Sahara Desert where every day participants run a Marathon, and one stage is 50 miles long.

Tackling, the sand, the heat, the hills, the weight of a rucksack, cooking her own food, carrying all that food, wearing the same clothes for 6 days, no showers, sleeping in bivoaks in the desert… this incredible woman is a true hero!

Charly is back on solid ground and we cannot wait to welcome her to our centre, which all the money raised will go directly into and talking to many of those that use our services about Charly’s latest challenge, one survivor who has himself found running to be a great way to improve his mental health said:

WOW! This is so inspiring, one day I will do that! Thank you Charly for helping us and inspiring us to do anything we want!

If you would like to add to Charly’s fund, sponsor her as a way of saying thank you, then please click here and make sure you add a message too.

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