Congrats to National Ugly Mugs

19.09.14 | News

10453456_10152494743040318_792590707404480062_nThe whole team here at Suvrivors Manchester were so proud to hear that National Ugly Mugs, headed up by our very own trustee Alex Feis-Bryce, have won the Third Sector national award!
The National Ugly Mugs scheme’s aim is to work to keep sex workers safe from harm, sexual violence and build intelligence on those that commit acts of violence against sex workers.
Sex workers in some sectors frequently suffer violence and other crimes committed by people presenting as clients, clients and others in the course of their work. Current research shows differences in the levels of violence experienced by sex workers in different sectors of the industry. For example, studies show higher levels of assault committed against street sex workers compared to indoor sex workers working in massage parlours/saunas/flats. Crimes committed against sex workers are often unreported to the police. Sex workers are also often reluctant to make formal complaints to the police and so records do not reflect actual prevalence of how common this violence can be. However, offenders need to be identified because they may attack other sex workers. Men who murder sex workers frequently have a history of violence against sex workers and others.
The whole point of the NUM Scheme is to provide sex workers with information to warn them of people who pose a risk to them or may potentially hurt them. By us all working together we are playing our part in keeping sex workers as safe as possible. Another important function of the Scheme is to gather as much information about the number and types of violence perpetrated against sex workers as this has never been done before. This enables us to challenge the Government and people who make the laws and lobby for actions to address the issue. Violence against sex workers is wrong, unacceptable and needs to stop NOW!

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