Duncan Craig joins Anne Coffey MP and Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd

16.03.15 | News

Survivors Manchester Chief Executive Officer, Duncan Craig, today joined Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, Tony Lloyd; and Stockport MP and author of the Real Voices Report, Ann Coffey at the public meeting to discuss Child Sexual Exploitation.
A panel of institutional experts, consisting of GMP Chief Constable, Sir Peter Fahy; Project Phoenix Manager, Damien Dallimore; outgoing Chief Crown Prosecutor, Nazir Afzal; Gladys Rhodes-White, Director of Children’s Services in Manchester; and Det Sup Joanne Rawlinson; was grilled by Duncan, Tony and Ann in front of a packed Stockport Town Hall and challenged to describe the changes that have been made post-Rochdale and explain the long term challenges and solutions in tackling Child Sexual Exploitation.
Responding to Ann Coffey’s question on the issue of missing and run-away children, Sir Peter stated that

“its still a major challenge for us [GMP] in dealing with children missing from care”

and continued that maybe Police Officers are not the best people to be engaging with children and young people missing from care due to the barriers faced by the uniform and that maybe Social Services and the third sector are better placed to build those relationships.
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Our very own Duncan got the opportunity to question the panel and asked how those present can be sure that the nature of child sexual exploitation is constantly understood and that assumptions and perceptions by staff are constantly challenged, maybe by utilising the third sector who have a wealth of information.
Damien Dallimore stated that its important that the agenda is “set together” and described forthcoming pieces of work that will be undertaken, including an Independent Audit of Greater Manchester Police’s Phoenix Team’s by Survivors Manchester to ensure that they are inclusive of boys and young men.
Director of Children’s Services, Gladys Rhodes-White, reminded everyone that the voluntary sector must been seen as equal partners in tackling this issue and agreed that community groups and charities of all sizes are invaluable.
The event was attended by over a hundred individuals and it is expected that more public discussions will take place.
Greater Manchester police and prosecutors to be grilled at inquiry into child sex grooming scandal – Manchester Evening News.

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