Happy Birthday Survivors Manchester

05.02.14 | News

5 Birthday CakeHappy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday dear Survivors Manchester………. Happy Birthday to us!
Today we are celebrating our 5th Birthday and wow, what and amazing 5 years its been.
In the 1,825 days since we got our certificate from Companies House to say we were officially a company (not-for-profit) we have supported over 450 boys and men to break the silence of sexual abuse and rape and take back the power and control that was taken from them. We have been involved with two amazing reports, The Stern Review (2009/10) and more recently the Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Groups and Gangs (2013); have given numerous interviews with newspapers, radio and TV (the last one being Crimewatch – with an audience of approx. 5 MILLION viewers); and have more recently been heavily involved in the long running male rape storyline on Hollyoaks.
We are fighting hard to find funding to ensure that we don’t have to close services and continue for another 5 years, no, add a 0 to that, for another 50 years (at least)!
So if you feel like you want to give us a birthday present (don’t feel you need to), then text SMCR14 £5 to 70070 and every penny will go directly to providing support to those men in Greater Manchester that need it.
Thank you for all your support over the years!
(our Birthday picture has been kindly drawn for us by K, a fantastic young man who is working hard to heal).

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