Happy Birthday Victim Support

03.01.14 | News

VS Full Logo2014 is the 40th Anniversary of the national victim charity, Victim Support, and right here in Manchester we are wishing our very special friends a massive HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Like Survivors Manchester, Victim Support began as a small local community project, but its reach has gone far beyond that and it has grown into the world’s biggest charity for victims and witnesses. The organisation contacts more than one million victims of crime every year and helps more than 200,000 people giving evidence in court.
Through its Community Support division, the charity supports people in there own home with Greater Manchester staff and volunteers helping 31,000 victims; its Witness Service has supported nearly 11,000 witnesses through the criminal justice system in Greater Manchester; and its Victim Care Unit has made over 35,000 direct calls to victims in Greater Manchester in 2013, helping amongst others, victims of burglary feel more secure, victims of domestic violence be safe, and victims of sexual abuse get the support they deserve.
And if they weren’t that fantastic already, when we needed support, they came to our rescue.
Back in 2010/11, we were receiving more and more requests for support but with no real funds, we were struggling to find a suitable place to work from – that was until Victim Care Unit Manager, Carole Smith, offered us the use of their counselling room and a spare desk that no one was sat at. This small gesture literally changed our life as an organisation and more importantly, has since changed the lives of those we support.
Survivors Manchester Service Director, Duncan Craig, said:

I still to this day don’t think that Carole and her team, or even Victim Support, realise just what a profound impact they had on us in showing this kindness. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to provide men with the support they deserve. We were having so many door shut in our face and no one wanted to help us break the silence – Carole and Victim Support did though and I am eternally in debt to them. They not only helped us help many more boys and men, but on a personal level they helped me realise my dream of making Survivors Manchester as reality. You know, that actually still helps me heal from the sexual abuse and rape I suffered. I am a huge fan of the Victim Care Unit and Victim Support and wherever I am I am singing their praises.

but as Duncan states, the Victim Care Unit plays a significant role in the effective delivery of current Survivors Manchester services:

When I’m looking at referrals into our service, I have noticed that if they come from the Victim Care Unit, the service users seem to engage for longer within our services giving themselves a greater opportunity for healing. I do wonder if this is because lots of the practical support has already been done by the Victim care Unit as they have assessed the individuals needs, giving the guy the opportunity to focus on the legacy or impact of the abuse/rape with us.

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