Hollyoaks Wins BIG!

04.06.19 | News

The Trustees, Staff, Expert Advisory Panel, Volunteers and everyone that uses the service would like to say a huge congratulations to Adam J Woodward, Nathan Sussex and the whole team at Hollyoaks for bringing home the gong from the British Soap Awards 2019!

First of all the hugely talented and good friend of ours, Adam Woodward, won ‘Best Male Dramatic Performance’ for his portrayal of adult male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Brody Hudson. In his acceptance speech, Adam thanked all those that have given him the opportunity to take on this role and reserved a special thanks by saying:

but most importantly, working with Survivors Manchester, the charity we work with [applause]; on a daily basis I got to pretend to go through what some of these survivors go through on a daily basis and the bravery they show, this is for them!

Adam Woodward

“…this is for them!”

What many people don’t know is that Adam spent a vast amount of time talking to us, coming to see us, calling our CEO to talk through how to play scenes in order to ensure that when Brody #BreakTheSilence that it is done with the most amount of respect and honesty.

Our CEO, Duncan, said

I cannot express my thanks to Adam enough. All those get togethers, texts, calls, discussions was absolutely worth it and I am forever in his debt for helping male survivors speak out because that’s what he has done!

“thank you Steve”

Next up for an award (and very well deserved) was the boy from Wales, the wonderful Nathan Sussex who played sexual offender and Football Coach, Buster Smith. In accepting his award, Nathan gave praise to Survivors Manchester and thanked our Ambassador, Steve Walters for handing his story to the writers to ensure this had the greatest truth to it possible.

Then as the awards came to the end, the ‘big one’ was announced and yes, Hollyoaks won Best Long Running Drama / Best Soap!

Congratulations to Bryan and the team for producing such a fantastic show and for always coming to us to make sure certain stories are dealt with so sensitively. We’re proud to call you our friends!

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