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14.07.12 | News

Counselling Psychology trainee, Irena Andelic-Zabinski, is looking for participants to engage in her research for a Professional Doctorate she is undertaking at the Univeristy of East London. Irena said:

My research is looking at male survivors’ experiences of disclosure in therapy. While there has been some preliminary research reagrding male survivors’ discloure none has yet looked at disclosure in the context of therapy. The aim is to broaden clinicians’ understanding of this process and also possibly highlight any important aspects which are helpful/unhelpful or which may benefit from further investigation.

If you are a male survivor who has completed a course of counselling and are interested in finding out more about this research, please contact Irena on
The research, which has been granted ethical approval, is being supervised by Professor Rachel Tribe who can be contacted on or 020 8223 4553.

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