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07.07.14 | News

MHIP ReportThis morning we received a copy of the Mental Health Improvement Plan Report 2014, that we had been involved in.
Back in March 2014, Manchester Community Central, facilitated an event where 15 of our service users entered into a fantastic discussion on the state of mental heal services in Manchester and gave their opinions on what worked and what didn’t, and suggestions about how things could be improved.
The event was a huge success and following on from this, one of our volunteers, Jim, undertook some training with Community Reporters and made a film: click here to see.
All the events and main part of the review and development of the improvement plan is complete and we are now able to share with you the outcomes. The Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups have launched the report on their website, Talking Health.
To read the report and hear what male survivors had to say click here.

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