Matt Hartigan mentors Survivors Manchester!

09.08.12 | News

Survivors Manchester became one of Zurich’s local charity partners in 2011, receiving £15000 over 3 years and the pledge that we will help them in other ways during the course of the partnership.
Matt Hartigan, Head of Broker Marketing Northwest, is doing just that, business mentoring Duncan Craig, Service Director at Survivors Manchester.
But what is the value of business mentoring?
Matt tells us why he feels his Skillshare is worthwhile…

I have been meeting monthly with Duncan since March of this year. Duncan will share his current plans and challenges and we discuss the actions that he is taking to develop his business plan for Survivors Manchester. I try and help him with his thinking and ask him questions from a business perspective which hopefully gives him a different context upon which he can reflect and shape his ideas and thoughts. There are also quick wins which come out of our meetings where Zurich can support him in some capacity. Duncan is such an inspiration, his drive, passion and belief in the work he is doing is so admirable and very humbling. I have found the Skillshare experience highly rewarding so far and would encourage anyone who may be able to help local charity partners to engage and establish how you can help – You won’t regret it!

Duncan adds;

Meeting with Matt, my skillshare business mentor, are two of the most useful and productive hours in my month! It gives me a rare chance to talk to someone independent of the charity about what’s been happening in the organisation and what I’m working on. Answering Matt’s questions, during these conversations, I get the opportunity to reflect on my strategic decisions and gain a greater insight into business decision making. Matt’s business acumen and network means that he can often see opportunities that I don’t, which is vital for the development of the charity. Matt has become an essential part of the development of Survivors Manchester and I am so grateful for his continued commitment to playing his part

Survivvors Manchester would like to thank Matt and everyone at Zurich for their continued support.

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