Merry Christmas 2019

25.12.19 | News

Die Hard‘ is a Christmas Film… there, i’ve said it!

Not only is it a Christmas Film but one of the best! Up there with ‘Its A Wonderful Life‘, ‘Home Alone‘, ‘Miracle on 34th Street‘ and ‘Santa Claus the Movie‘. I’m fully aware that calling it a Christmas film causes arguments and fall outs, but I think it’s Christmas film and its on MY list, it’s my Christmas!

It seems that everyone has ‘the’ idea of what a traditional Christmas film is; what a Christmas Dinner (or lunch) should be; even how your Christmas should be celebrated. But it’s YOUR Christmas and should be celebrated (or not) and YOU want it to be.

The pressure can be overwhelming to please everyone and that often means we end up not looking after ourselves.

So my Christmas message to you is quite simple…

1. Decide what is important for you this Christmas
2. Don’t focus on the presents and focus on being present
3. Don’t feel obliged to spend time in places that are toxic for you
4. Do what is going remind you how wonderful you are that you are doing Christmas YOUR way

So whatever way, whoever with, have a wonderful Christmas because regardless of anything, you deserve to have a wonderful Christmas.

Me? well I’m off to watch Gremlins then get myself out for my Christmas Dinner Curry!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal from me (Duncan) and all the team at Survivors Manchester

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