National Personal Safety Day

18.10.13 | News

“National Personal Safety Day, which is organised by Suzy Lamplugh Trust, is an annual event aimed at highlighting some of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence and aggression in today’s society. It’s about helping people live safer and more confident lives”.
Survivors Manchester was invited by our colleagues at Bolton victim support to raise awareness that boys and men are victims of sexual violence too. We also wanted to help break the stigma associated with abuse and help people to break the silence. Also that it’s ok to talk and that there is a safe place to go if you have been affected by this issue.
We had a busy day and it was an excellent chance to get our charity’s voice heard and network with partnership agencies, such as the police, the urban outreach charity “Runa” and Bolton council. We were well received by other agencies who where amazed and relived that our charity existed and there was somewhere they could refer the boys and men of Bolton town onto who have been affected by this issue.
Speaking personally, it was well worth sitting in damp, windy, conditions Bolton’s weather had to offer that day we were also invited by GMP Bolton division to give a presentation at Bolton university in November during a police personal Safety event. The day was ended with the privilege of hugging the police mascot “Pippa” who was a little bit soggy from the rain.
– Daniel

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