New Psychotherapy Group Launches

16.09.14 | News

Survivors Manchester is extremely proud and excited to announce the imminent launch of our group psychotherapy intervention, created specifically for adult male survivors of historical childhood sexual abuse (CSA).
This group will be the first of its kind within the North West and also the first group psychotherapy intervention created specifically, for male survivors within an NHS affiliated organisation, or indeed within the NHS itself.
The criteria for joining the group is:

  • male survivors aged 25 years and above.
  • Specifically survivors of childhood sexual abuse – (took place under 16 years of age)
  • Living in Greater Manchester (Please note: trauma does not have to have occurred within Greater Manchester)
  • Able to commit to 20 weekly sessions
  • Sufficiently motivated and at a stage in their individual recovery to promote positive change.

The group will run for twenty weekly sessions, each session will be two hours in length.
The first nine sessions will be psycho-educational in nature, meaning that they are educational regarding many of the common symptoms of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), with an aim and focus to empower group participants in how to deal with associated symptoms and issues in an optimal way.
Sessions ten to twenty will be unstructured, with an aim to encourage the men to take ownership of their space, and offer opportunity to raise and explore any issues relevant to their unique trauma experiences, and subsequent recovery and treatment process.
Participation of the group is open to any male survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) in the Greater Manchester area, aged twenty five years and above.
There will be an interview/screening process for interested applicants throughout November and December 2014 in the interests of ensuring suitability of applicants, and the group will commence on Thursday 29th January 2015 at 7.00pm to 9.00pm and continue weekly.
Please note: This is a ‘closed group’ meaning that once it begins, there will be no new participants allowed access to prevent disruption, and promote trust and safety.
All interested applicants please contact Tom Taylor – Clinical Lead at Survivors Manchester on: or contact the Survivors Manchester Helpline on 0161 236 2182

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