NHS and Department of Health investigations into Jimmy Savile

06.07.14 | News

Savile enjoyed unchallenged access, was awarded offices, had his personal mail dealt with by a member of staff, parked his car in secure areas for patients to valet, watched vulnerable patients bathe and made inappropriate comments about them and was generally given free rein to any area and aspect of an astonishing number of NHS institutions. He was regarded as a celebrity on the wards and seen as a force for good by the managers. The references in the reports to Savile’s celebrity status and the fact that society was not alert to sexual abuse are in themselves offensive.
Of course, with such prolific offending, complaints were made by both children and adults at the time but were ignored. However, the various reports state time and again, “We found no reliable evidence that any staff or patient complaints about Savile at the time were reported to senior staff or investigated.”
Some of the reports refer to staff members with ‘strong characters’ who mistrusted his motives and challenged his visits to wards. However, the reports conclude, ‘There is no evidence that his reputation or behaviour caused anyone to question his suitability to access the hospital.’
The ease with which Savile gained open access to secure hospitals and to meetings with officials is extremely shocking. In effect there were no measures in place to safeguard and protect vulnerable patients, visitors or even staff members; and a culture of celebrity worship and apathy about victims prevented any response to the complaints made.
You can watch a statement being delivered in the Commons byclicking here.
The Department of Health have also issued a statement which can be viewed by clicking here.
A response from Monitor, NHSE, TDA and CQC can be found here.

Click here to read the relevant documents from UK Government.

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