One Small Step for Man…

28.07.15 | News

Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, has today made comment on the criticism she faced with regards to the VaWG (Violence against Women and Girls) report released by the CPS recently.
In June 2015, the Crown Prosecution Service published their latest Violence against Women and Girls report which stated that about 107,100 cases concerning violence against women and girls were prosecuted over the past 12 months(see Report, 25 June). But despite the title of the report, the analysis included more than 13,000 male victims of crimes including rape, sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence.
Noticing this inaccuracy, a number of organisations and individuals, including journalist Ally Fogg, wrote an open letter to the DPP which was picked up by The Guardian (see below)
The Guardian – Letters ‘Anorexia and Rape are Mens Problems Too’
Today, Ms Saunders has responded to the criticism and here at Survivors Manchester, we acknowledge that the CPS are taking a step forward for man-kind. In the article, she states:

I fully accept the concerns raised by some, however, that we need to be clearer in our annual VaWG report about the inclusion of men and boys, which is why I have arranged for amendments to be made to the current, and all future, reports. We will clarify our introductory remarks and we will also, where possible, include a breakdown of gender volumes.

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