Pets Hall of Fame

04.08.13 | News

Our friend and colleague, Dr Gary Foster from Living Well in Australia, has gotten in touch with us to tell us about a fantastic new project. Gary says:

Just to let you know, we have been encouraged by men to create to new pages to acknowledge and honour the contribution pets make to the lives of men who have been sexually abused in childhood and their loved ones. The Pets Hall of Fame page has a facility for men and their families to upload a photo of their pet, along with a brief bio, introducing the pet and briefly describing the contribution the animal has made. This can be done anonymously and does not require the man to identify himself. We would welcome contributions from far and wide, to help us honour ‘man’s best friends’.

There are two new pages as follows:
Pets Hall of Fame
Pets Hall of Fame web page
Why you might think about getting a pet
Think of Getting a Pet? web page
Check out these fantastic new resources and whilst your at it, why not have a look around the Living Well website, it is an amazing resource.

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