Plans for the Future of Mental Health Services in Manchester

23.12.13 | News

Here at Survivors Manchester, we believe that all of our work is around ensuring we do all we can to ensure the positive mental health of male survivors is increased. Mental health is also an important issue for the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Manchester as its them who decide what services are needed; what gaps there are in the provision of services, and what areas need tightening up on.
We want to help the CCG’s in getting a fuller picture of mental health in Manchester and are asking for your help in this.
The CCG’s are undertaking an extensive review of services across Manchester, something we have been directly involved in, and creating a mental health improvement plan (MHIP). The plans are online now so that residents, service users, carers and other stakeholders can give their views as part of our engagement process. The details are available now by logging on to and going to the Talking Mental Health section. There are a number of mental health pathways that are of interestto the CCG’s and it is these that we want your help in talking about whether you think they work, dont work, need improving, etc.
Each pathway is available as a summary with the complete document available to download from the relevant page. The CCG’s welcome comments and have set up a survey at for people to tell them what they think.
The engagement process will also include a series of community events. The engagement period runs until Friday January 31, 2014.
We will be running two sessions in Jan where service users can come and talk about their experiences of mental health services and have their voices heard. More about that in the new year. But for now, please help us be heard by clicking here.

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