Research into survivors of female perpetrated sexual abuse

17.06.12 | News

Survivors Manchester has been contacted by Hannah Clements, a Trainee Clinical Psychologist studying at Lincoln University. Hannah is currently undertaking a Doctorate Thesis and is looking at a subject she has a standng interest in… survivors of female perpetrated sexual abuse and the experience of disclosure. Hannah has worked in forensic services with offenders, as well as with trauma, and she feels female perpetrated sexual abuse is an understudied area of rising concern.
She told us

I feel there is a huge silence that surrounds female sexual abuse, and my aim is to build awareness, reduce stigma and hopefully build on the literature base in this area so professionals know what survivors of this form of abuse need when they disclose. Essentially, the purpose of my study is to offer this under-recognised and largely silenced group of people sexually abused by females, a voice. It is hoped that this will inform professional responses to disclosure and improve support and clinical care, so people affected feel more able to approach professionals.

Survivors Manchester wants to support all good, strong, ethically approved research and we wholeheartedly support Hannah in her work.
You can find out more about Hannah and her research by going to her website Survivors of Female Perpetrated Sexual Abuse and Their Experiences of Disclosure

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