Response to Manchester Evening News report

26.01.17 | News

Following today’s Manchester Evening News front page report on the IPCC damming report into a rape investigation by Greater Manchester Police, our CEO, Duncan Craig, has made the following response.

Today’s Manchester Evening News front page article, regarding Greater Manchester Police’s handling of the rape investigation against Stephen Akinyemi is at best, of extreme concern. Whilst I appreciate that the IPCC report remains part of the current inquiry into Akinyemi’s death and therefore restricts the Police from making comment yet, I will be speaking with senior colleagues at both Greater Manchester Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure that there is absolutely clarity and understanding of the impact this limited information has on those survivors currently engaged with Greater Manchester Police or thinking about reporting.
The actions detailed of a now retired officer’s attempt to record the rape as ‘solved’, when it wasn’t, after the suspects death is both shocking and wholly unacceptable. I will be asking Senior Police colleagues for assurance that a check is now in place to ensure that this cannot happen again.
Over the past 7 years, Survivors Manchester has worked closely with Greater Manchester Police to build solid pathways; generate understanding of the needs of male survivors of sexual abuse and rape; and support individuals that wish to report to do so in the best way possible for them. Greater Manchester Police have adapted processes to meet the needs of those seeking our help and invested in training and development of officers dealing with sexual violation.
This incident must not undo all the great work that Greater Manchester Police have done in the field of sexual violence, but equally, must not be passed off as a blip. It is a serious failing and lessons must be learned.
I look forward to speaking to my Police colleagues in due course and should any survivors wish to talk through their concerns, please call us on 0161 236 2182 or email

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