Response to IPCC Report into Operation Span

13.03.15 | News

Following the publication of the Independent Police Complaints Commission Report into Operation Span, Survivors Manchester founder and Chief Executive Officer said:

“The publication of the IPCC Report into the Rochdale Grooming case is, as described by our Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd has been ‘a lesson in failure’. It highlights the failing of agencies, authorities and individuals. It evidences the missed opportunities to safeguard those that needed to be and allowed those predators to continue with the abuse of young girls.
Lessons must be always be learned from these reports but we must strive harder to stop repeating the failures of the past.
Over the last few years, I believe that Greater Manchester Police has made great strides in addressing its failings and in most cases, owning up to the mistakes officers have made. I welcome that from any organisation, especially the Police and here at Survivors Manchester, we will continue to work closely with the force as a whole in breaking the silence of the sexual abuse, rape and sexual violation of boys and girls, men and women.
We will carry on providing training to officers on dealing with male victims of rape and sexual assault; better develop the working relationship between city centre division and our street based outreach provision tackling the sexual exploitation of boys and young men; and will continue to work closely with Operation Phoenix, challenging protocols, ideas and addressing need.
But we must not become complacent and this report must not become another publication on a bookshelf.
We call on Greater Manchester Police, local authorities and those working with young people to commit to find better ways of working together to ensure that we tackle this problem together and no one is left to deal with this alone”

To read the report in full, click here

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