Review: Monkey See Monkey Do

18.02.17 | News

Date: 16 February 2017
Venue: Gorilla, Manchester
Richard Gadd’s self-penned, autobiographical Monkey See Monkey Do is a brilliantly dark yet hilariously uncomfortable journey through a battle for ‘masculinity’ following sexual assault.
From the outset, Gadd manages to externally lead you through his internal dialogue, battle even, with the clever use of multi media projection, audio and live action. Even with a few technical hitches (afterall, this was the first night), the visual display helps the audience quickly transition between thought and Gadd’s own memory, all the while Richard himself is running on a treadmill in front of your eyes… Running from the monkey or maybe even beast?
It’s hard to describe the show without revealing too much and spoiling the immersive experience, one feels when you share the space with him.
As a survivor of sexual abuse/sexual assault, I found this piece incredibly compelling and at so many points throughout the show, I found myself wanting to shout out “YES, THATS SO TRUE ISNT IT! AMEN!”. Richard manages to explain complicated and multi-layered impact issues connected to sexual assault brilliantly. It is challenging yet beautifully honest. There were moments when I wasnt too sure if the tears rolling down my cheeks were tears of laughter, sadness, for me or for him.
But dont be scared off by the topic of sexual assault, this is more a study in masculinity, maybe even an exploration of the world view of maleness.
I certainly, like many who have commented on social media, I felt an incredible sense of privilege that I was allowed as an audeince member to share his story with him and everyone else.
This 5 out of 5 star show is a must for all humanity.

Monkey See Monkey Do is currently on a World Tour as follows:
18.02.17 – Cambridge Junction, Cambridge
19.02.17 – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry
22.02.17 – The Cookie, Leicester
23.02.17 – The Northwich Arts Centre, Norwich
01.03.17 – Komödiant, Brighton
03.03.17 – Cliffs Pavillion, Southend
04.03.17 – West End Centre, Aldershot
09.03.17 – The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen
11.03.17 – The Stand, Glasgow
13.03.17 – The Stand, Newcastle
14.03.17 – The Stand, Edinburgh
16.03.17 – The Marlowe, Canterbury
18.03.17 – Royal & Derngate, Northampton
23.03.17 – The Cube, Bristol
24.03.17 – South Street, Reading
30.03.17 to 23.04.17 – ACMI, Melbourne
29.04.17 – Ysgol Bro Hyddgen, Machynlleth
21.05.17 – Toomler, Amsterdam
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