Sainsbury's Isn't Proud

08.07.15 | News

Supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s have been slammed for covering up this months edition of Attitude Magazine which features the winners of its inaugural Pride Awards, including our very own founder and CEO, Duncan Craig.
The Attitude Magazine Pride Awards gave praise to 12 individuals who have shown commitment and pride within the LGBT+ community, from those that have overcome bullying, homophobia, transphobia, religious oppression, mental health stigma, drug and alcohol, social injustice, and sexual abuse.
Taking the decision to cover up the ‘cover’, whilst allowing another magazine that features a bikini-clad model on the front to be on show in some way proves a double standard. Are Sainsbury’s not proud of these winners? Do they not want people to look at people who have overcome adversity and continue to beat it and help others?
Our CEO said

Its ironic really what Sainsbury’s have done. I had the great honour of being on the front cover of Attitude; I accepted an award from the amazing and inspirational Katie Piper; and I hope that my interview showed others that you don’t need to hide as a survivor, no one should ignore you and you can be visible… and yet Sainsbury’s have made me invisible. The irony isn’t lost on me at all. Well Sainsbury’s, I wont be invisible and I wont be hidden away and neither will any of the other incredibly inspirational individuals. Sainsbury’s shame on you! They clearly haven’t even took the time to even look at what their doing or think about the impact this has.

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