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06.11.13 | News

Monday 4 November 2013

Sponsored silence highlights the silence of sexual abuse and rape of males in Greater Manchester on International Men’s Day.

Supporters of Manchester based male sexual abuse and rape charity, Survivors Manchester, are all set to undertake a day of silence on 19 November with the aim of raising much needed funds whilst highlighting the silence that surrounds male victims. Survivors Manchester, who are currently supporting the development of a major storyline with the Channel 4 drama Hollyoaks, hopes to raise as much money as possible to continue to provide specialist support and counselling for male victims of childhood sexual abuse or sexual assault and rape.
Founder and Service Director Duncan Craig, a survivor himself, stated:
“International Men’s Day on 19 November needs far more attention in the UK. So when Amy, one of our volunteers, first came up with the idea I was blown away. We are constantly fighting to break the silence that surrounds male victims and so asking others to raise money by being silent so boys and men no longer need be, is inspired”
In the past 12 months Survivors Manchester has seen a considerable rise in requests for support, with 36% more men accessing services than in the whole of 2012. The charity believes that this has a lot to do with the high profile cases that have been reported in the news and on social media. Duncan believes:
“The landscape is definitely changing. Many of our clients are telling us that the reason they are breaking their silence now is due to being triggered by all the media reporting. One lad told me that he felt it was so constant on TV and news that he felt like if he didn’t say something he would burst”
He continues:
“It’s so important to be able to provide sexual abuse services that are specific to boys and men. It is an area that is extremely underfunded and often feels like we’re ignored by local authorities and national Government. For example, just recently the Ministry of Justice released a £4 million pound fund for services supporting girls and women, but as a service supporting boys and men we were excluded from applying. So fundraising opportunities such as this we have to maximise”.
If you would like to join in the day of silence in support of Survivors Manchester on International Men’s Day, please contact
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Notes to editors
For further information, please contact Duncan Craig on tel 0161 236 9025 or 07919 246 267; or email
Founded in 2009, Survivors Manchester is a charity (no: 1144941) based in Manchester, supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape living in Greater Manchester.
Survivors Manchester provides a range of services including website and email support; telephone helpline (0161 236 2182); and a number of face to face support including counselling, emotional support, and peer support groups.
International Men’s Day 2013 theme is Keeping Men and Boys Safe. The five challenges for 2013 are:
1. Tackling male suicide
2. Keeping men and boys safe to allow them to become tomorrows role models
3. End tolerance of violence towards men and boys
4. Boost mens life expectancy by keeping men and boys safe from avoidable illness
5. Keeping men and boys safe by promoting fathers and male role models
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