Some Secrets Available in UK!

12.03.13 | News

A brand new book, aimed at talking to children about child abuse is finally avilable in the UK!
Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is a beautifully illustrated picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping our children safe from sexual interference. This book was written as a tool to help parents, caregivers and teachers broach the subject with children in a non-threatening way.
Author Jayneen Sanders is an experienced primary school teacher, editor, author and publisher.
She started her teaching career in the 1980s as a primary school teacher in rural Queensland. She then moved to Victoria and taught at a number of inner-city schools.
Here at Survivors Manchester, we have been in touch with Jay and are hoping that we can in some way help promote this amazing book. We asked some of our colleagues to give us their points of view:

This book is useful for parents and carers for young children because sometimes it is difficult to find the right words to discuss private topics with our children. We think the language in the book is clear and easy to understand to a young child. Parents will have to decide when to use the book for children can be a different age of understanding. It is a well written book on a difficult subject, long overdue. Ideal for adults with their own children or nieces, nephews and cousins of a young age. The book is a short, simplistic story, covering a long, complicated, horrifying subject that for too long has sadly been widely ignored. With adult guidance will enable some children’s darker days to become lighter.

John – Victim Care Officer (and father of Michael 8, Alisa 6 and Alex 4)

Wow, why hasnt someone done this before? What a beautifully written book that really teaches children boundaries and makes it easy for parents to tackle this subject. Who doesnt want their child to be safe?

Nicki – Social Worker (and Grandmother)

The book was very easy writing which I admire the author for it. It brings forward such an important matter to light very delicately but precise way. It is very suitable for young children also have a good message.

Foroozan – Victim Care Officer (and mother)

We cannot praise this book highly enough and in the fortcoming weeks, we’re hoping to be able to bring you an interview with Jay but in the mean time, you can check out the webiste at or check our Facebook ‘Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept’ or Twitter @JayneenSanders.
You can also purchase the book from Amazon UK
Keep your eyes peeled for that interview, comming soon!!

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