Survivors Manchester 12th AGM

26.11.20 | News

Survivors Manchester’s 12th AGM was a moment of reflection and of celebration.

In year that saw the organisation working with Coronation Street on a storyline that changed lives; our CEO travelled to Africa to join inspirational male survivors impacted by sexual violence in conflict and to the USA to support a conversation with a group of men who are survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM); we said hello to Subo, Richard, Daniel and goodbye to Trevor and Tom; welcome to the board to Dr Andrew Tomkins and au revivor and thank you so much to Trustee, Tim.

We received 683 referrals and carried over 479 ‘open cases’ from the previous year.

Our services were busy which pleased us greatly and our data shows:

  • 593 attendances at our Safe Room group
  • 1379 attendances at our Break The Silence trauma therapy service
  • 485 attendances in our Healing Steps stabilisation talking therapy service
  • 15 individuals supported to report to the police and went to the Police Station with 14 of them to be there as they went through their video interview
  • Over 500 interventions delivered by our ISVAs
  • Developed 15 safety plans with clients to support them through suicidal ideation
  • Went out in the community with 96 individuals to take part in other activities
  • Welcomed 519 attendances into out Drop In

Our independent financial examiner was able to assure the board that Survivors Manchester remains a going concern, and 2019-20 financial year our income was £640,743 and we spent £603,723.

Take a look at our 2019-2020 Annual Report here:

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